Hey Kidz!! Saving can be FUN!
By joining the Sammie Seal Savers Club you can earn points and use your points to buy prizes! It's easy!

The Sammie Seal Savers Club is open to children through age 12.

When you join the club you will be given an official "certificate of appreciation" and an official "I.D." card.

You will also receive a list of prizes and the amount of points needed to buy each prize. It only takes a deposit of $25.00 to join! Then you can begin on the road to big savings and super prizes!


This is how it works:
Every time you deposit $5.00 into your savings account, you will receive a "seal" worth 10 points. You save up your seals and choose prizes from the selection of prizes listed on your prize sheet.

All prizes are displayed at the Credit Union or you can write to us to have your prizes shipped to your home. Whichever is most convenient for you and your parents!

Contact Us TODAY and see how much FUN you can have watching your savings GROW!!

Please check membership eligibility on our membership page.

** Availability of prizes is not guaranteed, prizes are subject to change without notice.